Wentworth Resources plc


Strong corporate governance is critical to achieving our strategic objectives and delivering long-term shareholder value. Through our experienced leadership team, effective management systems and comprehensive policies we champion a culture of respect, integrity, honesty and transparency.

Our approach

We adopt the QCA Corporate Governance Code (the ‘QCA Code’) to secure our governance framework. The QCA Code supports good decision-making processes to ensure our activities are conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Our unique culture of transparency and accountability is driven by:


Health & safety

Our first priority is to uphold the highest standards of health and safety to secure our people, partners and local communities.



We maintain strong ethical standards, rooted in the principles of accountability and transparency.

Managing conflicts

We make decisions based on the best interests of our business and ensure that all employees behave honestly by disclosing any potential conflicts.

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Responsible use of digital systems

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and security of our digital communication systems, and adhere to data protection and privacy regulations.

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Transparent and honest communication

We expect transparent and honest behaviour throughout our business and supply chain. It is the responsibility of every employee, contractor and supplier to speak up if they become aware of any instances of misconduct.

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The Code

As a Jersey registered Company listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, we have adopted the QCA Corporate Governance Code.

Relevant policy documents can be found below:

Last reviewed on 13 April 2021.


By seeing the world through the eyes of our stakeholders, we focus on delivering outcomes that help everyone. Good corporate governance underpins our ability to achieve this.

Bob McBean

Non-Executive Chairman