Wentworth Resources plc


Our long-term growth prospects are bright. As one of Tanzania’s leading onshore natural gas providers, we are delivering organic growth aligned with the nation’s ambitious growth goals to deliver consistent returns for our shareholders.

Working hand-in-hand with our operating partners, we are achieving sustainable growth through our focus on five key growth drivers:


Optimising production output


Monitoring field production


Identifying new opportunities


Partnering with the government


Transitioning to a sustainable future


Andrew Smith

Group Financial Controller

A strong financial performance

With revenues underpinned by long-term fixed price contracts, no debt, and cash-to-hand, Wentworth is a safe and sustainable investment opportunity for the near and long term.

Through our strong financial performance, we announced the launch of our dividend policy in 2019. Since then, we increased our dividend pay-out by 27% in 2020 despite the backdrop of COVID-19, and many significant challenges in the energy sector. Together, this demonstrates the resilience of our business in continuing to deliver consistently for our shareholders.

$ 17 .8 m

Cash on hand (2020)

65 .5 MMscf/d

Average production (2020)

$ 116 .6 m

2P NPV10 after tax (2020)


Meeting Tanzania’s surging demand

Natural gas is critical to Tanzania’s growing energy landscape. It ensures an affordable, clean, and reliable solution to drive the country’s growth ambitions.

With a population of 58 million people, a little smaller than the UK’s 66 million and growing fast, its landmass covers four times the geographic area. With its vibrant demographics and ambitious outlook, Tanzania’s growth opportunities are unparalleled.

58 m


$ 63 .1 Bn


+ 6 %

Average GDP growth within the last decade^

* UN World Population Prospects, 2019.
^ World Bank World Development Indicators Data Bank, 2021.